Discover the art of living.

Artessa is a co-op for people 62+ who want a stylish home, more simplicity, and a dynamic community of people who want those things, too.

Artessa Cooperative at Golden Valley is the premier boutique offering within Artessa Cooperative communities. Ideally located just outside the heart of Minneapolis, Artessa Golden Valley offers a lifestyle that is unparalleled in its offerings. Nestled alongside the glowing green of Golden Valley Country Club, and its myriad of amenities and quaint views, Artessa is the premier 62+ living community for members looking to explore and socialize with like-minded individuals. And the offerings only start there.

Co-Op Lifestyle

Ownership and investment. Real community. Co-op living is designed to give you more, unlike the more traditional options of condos, townhouses, or rentals. As part of a housing cooperative, you and other members own and govern the building, land, and common areas. This community of neighbors contributes monthly to cover operating expenses.


Location conveniences are abundant at Artessa Golden Valley with unbelievable proximity to some of the metro’s top destinations. Outside of the area’s amenities, ease of getting around the West Metro is conveniently personified, with direct access to Highway 55, Highway 100, and easy access to Downtown Minneapolis within a matter of minutes.

Floor Plans

With 15 unique floor plans ranging from 1 BR/Den/1BA to 2BR/Den/2BA and 1,088SF – 1,917SF, we have an array of options to fit your style and needs.


Inside your private residence, there are 4 distinct aesthetic collections to choose from in addition to a variety of finish selections within each collection, making each home distinctive to the taste and personal touch of each owner.

Bondi Collection

Lively • Colorful
Relaxed • Inviting

Luxi Collection

Sophisticated • Refined
Substantial • Elegant

Magnoli Collection

Fresh • Layered
Comfortable • Crisp

Scandi Collection

Bright • Airy
Polished • Serene

Golden Valley

  • A new boutique-sized building that is stylish and high quality
  • Neighbors who become friends
  • Customizable finishes that personalize your space
  • Common areas that inspire
  • Unique equity options to fit your price point

Why Artessa?

There’s an art to living. It’s doing more of what you want to do and less of what you have to do. It’s finding a community but still having your sanctuary. It’s making your space your own without starting from scratch. It’s not about having everything—it’s about having the things that matter. Artessa is for people who know it and are inspired to discover their art of living.


With more than 12,000 square feet of indoor amenities, including a sports simulator, skydeck, fitness studio, sauna, and an additional 3,500 square feet of outdoor living spaces – there are vast entertainment areas that will provide a blend of both large and intimate spaces to gather and enjoy life with neighbors and friends alike.

Golden Valley
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