Create the home of your dreams, with extensive features and options, ensuring your home reflects you and your personality.

When it comes to home personalization, no other cooperative compares. Our materials, in both quality and finish options, are a step above the rest. Add in the potential for enhancements, and there’s no shortage of creative opportunities. While we are not a custom home builder, we do feel it’s important to provide homeowners with choices that fit their lifestyle. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Designed for you

Artessa Development and its affiliate Lifestyle Communities is raising the bar when it comes to quality cooperative housing. We go above and beyond standard construction methods with features like enhanced sound proofing and environmentally friendly construction materials. Plus, we are backed by more than 30 years of experience within the industry, and our community interiors and home finishing options are designed and selected by award-winning designers. It all comes together to create an exceptionally built, design-cohesive community.

Home Personalization Process

Our home personalization process is divided into three easy phases.

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Get inspired.
Preview finish collections.
Ask questions.

Electrical &
Plumbing Selections

Appliances & Plumbing.
Lighting & Switches.
Gas Lines. Laundry.
Vanity & Shower Styles.

Interior Finish

Four aesthetic collections.
Flooring. Cabinets.
Bath Accessories.

Find your inspiration

Four finish collections selected by award-winning designer and developer capturing a variety of styles. Each of the four collections – Bondi, Luxi, Magnoli or Scandi – represents a different lifestyle. So whether you gravitate toward modern & adventurous, sophisticated & refined, rustic & industrial or polished & natural, we have a finish collection to match.

Bondi Collection

Lively • Colorful
Relaxed • Inviting

Luxi Collection

Sophisticated • Refined
Substantial • Elegant

Magnoli Collection

Fresh • Layered
Comfortable • Crisp

Scandi Collection

Bright • Airy
Polished • Serene

For questions, or to learn more about our customizable options, please reach out to our sales team at 612.875.3833

“We were able to sell our home, and move into a brand new community of people with similar interests. We picked out all of our interior finishes, and to top it off, we had money left from the sale of our home to travel and enjoy all the things we’ve talked about doing for years!”
– Sue, Member

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