Learn from current members just what makes Artessa and cooperative living perfect for your prime.

Whether you’re moving to be closer to family, looking for a community of like-minded people, or want a home base while you travel the world, every Artessa member has chosen this community for a different reason.

“I want a new lease on life. I want to change my lifestyle. The concept of community and having people my age with similar experiences attracts me to cooperative living”
“I had probably already made the decision to move [to a co-op] before the meeting, but looking at the floorplans and seeing all the finishes made me think, ‘yeah, I could live in a place like that!"
“I’m excited [about cooperative living] because it will be different. I’ll have another family, an extend family”
“In our stage of life, it’s fun to move somewhere brand new."
“I feel like I felt when I was 18 moving into the Freshman dorm [moving into a cooperative]. You’re preparing for a new chapter in your life. You look forward to it, you’re a little worried but you’re looking forward to it and everything will work out. You don’t look back.”
“I thought I would have to give up building things when I sold my house. Now I have the time, the space, and the tools to do what I love!”