Why Artessa

Artessa is for people who are inspired to discover their art of living.

There’s an art to living. It’s doing more of what you want to do and less of what you have to do. It’s finding a community but still having your sanctuary. It’s making your space your own without starting from scratch. It’s not about having everything—it’s about having the things that matter.

Co-Op Lifestyle

Ownership and investment. Real community. Co-op living is designed to give you more, unlike the more traditional options of condos, townhouses, or rentals. As part of a housing cooperative, you and other members own and govern the building, land, and common areas. This community of neighbors contributes monthly to cover operating expenses.

Personalized for You

When it comes to home customization options, no other cooperative compares to Artessa. Our community interiors and home finishing options are designed and selected by an award-winning team of designers and developers. And while we are not a custom home builder, we do feel it’s important to provide homeowners with choices that fit their style that they can get excited about.

Our Company

Artessa Development, an affiliate of Lifestyle Communities of Minnesota, is the developer of Artessa Cooperative Communities. This skilled group of passionate professionals brings over 50 years of combined experience financing and developing Cooperative Communities under various distinctive Cooperative brands throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. We have an extensive network of residential properties for active adults wanting maintenance-free, amenity-rich, and homeownership offerings in closely knit, lively neighborhoods.